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3 day Temple-Tour package
3 days, 4 nights

"Lagima" is designed for those interested in exploring the spiritual side of Kanyakumari over a weekend. It includes less-visited, ancient and powerful temples. Participants also spend time basking in the lap of Nature at Tatvamasi Homestay. The program also includes “Know your culture” sessions. 

Regular fees are 23,000 INR

Rooms are on a twin-sharing basis. Every room is air-conditioned, with high speed WiFi, and hot water.

Schedules provided are subject to weather and group fitness/interest.

Night 1


Participants arrive in Tatvamasi Homestay for registration, dinner, and settling in for the program.

Day 1


We start our day at the nearby Thirparappu Mahadevar Temple and waterfalls near Tatvamasi Homestay. After breakfast, we proceed to Thiruvattar Adikesava Perumal Temple. Our first "Know your Culture" Session begins after lunch, followed by a visit to Mouna Guru Samadhi and Mandaikadu Bhagavathy temple. We drive to Manavai, the place of Manavai Siddhar Samadhi (Sadhguru Shri Brahma's disciple). Our day ends with Arathi at Mutharamman Temple.

Day 2


Morning is at the ancient Kumarakovil and Melancode Amman Temple. After breakfast, we head to the Padmanabha Palace which is rich both in beauty and history. We go through a "Know your Culture" Session after lunch today. Then we proceed to Thirunandhikarai temple and Cave temple. After dinner, we have an interesting session titled "Rituals: Birth to Death."

Day 3


Kollengode Bhagavathy Amman Temple is followed by breakfast, after which we visit the ancient Chitharal Hill Temple. After our afternoon lunch and "Know your Culture" Session, we go for a walk in nature and visit Manasekharam Vishnu Temple. Dinner is followed by a "Rituals: Birth to Death" session. We enjoy our final evening together in the scenic premises of Tatvamasi homestay. 

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Lagima will be offered every weekend until December 2023.
Twice a month from January 2024.

At Tatvamasi homestay, you’ll be coming to Prem’s home and staying as a guest and as a part of his family. Tatvamasi is not a hotel or resort, but his home space offered for individuals to experience Kanyakumari Temples and through that, a glimpse of Bharatiya culture and spirituality in its truest essence.

Lagima: 3 day Temple-Tour Package
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Looking for other date options for your tour? Flexible scheduling is offered for groups with a minimum of three members.

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