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Namaskaram and Welcome.

Tatvamasi Homestay 

Tatvamasi Homestay is nestled within the Western Ghats, on the erstwhile land of the Travancore Kingdom. The homestay is next to one of the most iconic waterfalls in Kanyakumari, adjacent to a sacred Shiva Temple. It is located amidst rubber plantations which provide beautiful shade and greenery. Guests can enjoy morning nature walks through the plantation. Both morning and evening Sandhya hours are accented with the sweet chorus of birdsongs. 

The homestay offers Temple-Tour Packages as well as general stay booking (open January 2024). Tatvamasi features traditional home-cooked Kerala meals. This cuisine is exclusive and unique to the Kerala and Travancore areas.

Pets are not allowed in the homestay.  

Tatvamasi International 

On popular demand, Tatvamasi programs are now being made available outside of India! Tatvamasi International workshops cover various aspects of temples, culture, rituals and customs which have been part of our rich tradition.

Check out details of our USA 2024 tour here!


Founder: Prem KV

Prem KV has lived many lives. That of a scientist in Australia. Later, as a monk in an Ashram in South India. Then, a cinematographer and director based in Mumbai.


Today, a filmmaker working on commercial projects within India and abroad, to bring to fruition his long wishlist of documentaries. His areas of interest and research include the ancient culture and traditions of Bharat, the lives of yogis and Siddhars, and indigenous culures around the world.


Tatvamasi is his endeavor to share his learnings in the areas of spirituality and culture.

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Getting to Tatvamasi

Flight: The nearest airport is Trivandrum Airport (TRV), around 52 Kilometers away. Trivandrum is well-connected to all major cities in India. One can avail taxi from the Airport to Arumanai, at a fare of around 3000 INR. The drive from airport to Tatvamasi is a little over 1 hour. 


Train: Nagercoil is the nearest railway station, around 38 kilometers. It is a major rail-head and is well connected to all parts of the country. Taxi from the railway station to Kutir has a fare of around 2500 INR and takes around 1 hour. 


Bus: Nagercoil bus stand is around 37 kilometers away. One must take multiple local buses to reach Tatvamasi Homestay. For bus instructions, please email  

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