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 Bali: A Glimpse of Ancient Bharat

Journey into Bharat a 1000 Years ago

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Namaste.Om Swasti Asthu.

Welcome to Bali! Bali is typically associated with exotic vacations and romantic honeymoons. However: this island holds a deeper allure beneath its surface. A blend of ancient indigenous culture interwoven with the rich traditions of Bharat.


Despite centuries of invasions and attempts at colonization, Bali has preserved its distinct cultural identity. What is the fuel behind this resilience?

Many centuries ago, Sages and Rishis from Bharat (India) embarked to this distant land. Rather than imposing their ways upon the Balinese people, they chose to enrich the existing culture. They imparted the profound wisdom of Bharatiya worship, science of temples, and rituals. And, this culture continues to be practiced with reverence to this day. 

Embrace the Mystique of Balinese Temples 

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- Duration: 6 days and 5 nights in Bali - Cost: INR 85,000 - Date: August 25th-30th, 2024 - Arrival: 25th - Check-in at Hotel Adiwana Svargaloka, Ubud, Bali from 2 PM - Departure: 30th - Check-out from Hilton Garden Inn Bali Ngurah Rai Airport by 12 Noon


- Pick-up and drop-off from/to the airport - Accommodation for 6 days and 5 nights in Bali starting from arrival (excluding flight to Bali) - Surya Shakthi- Yoga sessions by trained Hatha Yoga teacher - Entry tickets for all Temples - Temple priest accompaniment to all temples - Kecak Dance Performance: A traditional Balinese art which narrates stories from the Ramayana - A Balinese sarong for Temple entry. Traditional attire is necessary for temple visits and rituals - Breakfast, lunch and dinner + daily supply of water and tender coconut

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Witness Ancient Culture Coming Alive

What toExpect?

Mornings begin with Surya Shakti - an ancient yogic practice done to energize the system to a different dimension. This 18-step process helps to strengthen the ligaments that hold the skeletal and muscular structure together. ​ After a traditional Balinese breakfast, we explore the island. Each day, we visit ancient Temples and hidden gems of Bali. Each carry immense historical and spiritual significance. Some Temples include (tentatively): ​ - Pura Gunung Kawi - An ancient temple complex with beautiful rock-cut caves. This was once a space for sadhana and meditation. - Pura Tirta Empul - Known for its holy spring water with healing properties. - Pura Besakih - The Mother Temple of Bali, located on the slopes of Mount Agung. - Goa Gajah - A historical cave with intricate carvings and bathing pools. - Ulan Danu Batur Temple - Two temples: one on a volcanic crater and another by the Lake Batur - Pura Durga Kutri- Temple of Goddess Mahishasuramardhini - Tanah Lot: One of the seven sea temples established by Rishi priest Nirartha. - Uluwatu: A sea temple pre-dating the 11th century, and also moksha/samadhi spot of Rishi Nirartha. We trace the journey of Agastyamuni - the revered Yogi - through Bali. We learn about his profound impact on Balinese spirituality and culture.  Throughout the trip, we participate in various traditional Balinese Temple rituals.

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A blend of physical rejuvenation, spiritual exploration, and cultural immersion


Each evening culminates in an insightful session hosted by Prem KV, where he connects the dots into the science of Bharatiya Culture. These sessions bridge the ancient wisdom of Bharat with the Balinese lifestyle.

Every step of the entire tour is designed to awaken one to the subtler aspects of life and living. By the end, we hope you walk away with a renewed sense of inspiration, depth, and profundity.

The tour also features sumptuous dinners, prepared by Balinese villagers in their authentic style and cuisine. Aesthetics, care, and devotion are key elements of the Balinese approach to cooking and serving.


Join Prem KV on this unique journey through time to experience the ancient heritage of Bharat as it exists in Bali.

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prem kv



It has been 6 years since I began exploring the depth of spiritual work that has happened in Southeast Asia. 


This land carries not only influence of the culture of Bharat, but the footsteps of the great Yogis and Siddhars who illuminated our land. They have shed their wisdom and energies upon Southeast Asia, which is evident even today. 


This is the land upon which Agasthya Muni Himself walked.


Every trip to Bali is a new opening and revelation into these mystical worlds. I am in awe to see the imprint of culture and spirituality of Bharat kept alive in its own unique way in this humble island.


When most people visit Bali, they visit the beaches, food, white water rafting and some other touristy spots. While there is nothing wrong with this, there is also a deeper side to Bali. 


This journey isn't just about exploring Bali at its surface. 


It is an invitation to embark on a sacred pilgrimage, a chance to connect with the essence of BALI beyond its tourist facade.



Prem KV